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Deck Hand Rental Policies

Deck Hand Camera Rentals is a cinema camera rental house in the Los Angeles area offering great rates on digital camera rentals, lenses, slider dollies, stage lighting, grip, HD-Decks, VTRs and much more. We rent out film equipment from top brands like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and Kessler. We also offer nationwide shipping for additional fees. View our rental policies below or contact us at (818) 557-8403.

Our Standard Day Rate:    If you pick up after 3pm and return on the second day before 10am, you are charged for a one day rental. For example, if you pick up at 3:30 pm on Monday and return at 9:45 am on Wednesday, you are charged for one day.

If you pick up before 3pm and return within 24 hours you are charged for a one day rental. For example, if you pick up at noon on Monday and return at noon on Tuesday you are charged for one day. Weekly rentals are billed at 3 times (3X) the daily rate. Special discounted rates apply for longer rentals. Call us for details!

One-Day Weekends:    Weekends are billed as one day. Pick-up after 3pm on Friday and return before 10am the following Monday and pay for only one day. 


Insurance:    Before the time of pick-up, the customer must provide a certificate of insurance listing Deck Hand Inc. as “Loss Payee” and “Additionally Insured.” A credit card or cash deposit may be required for the insurance policy deductible. For equipment valued under $10,000, a security deposit equal to the full replacement value of the equipment may be accepted in lieu of a certificate. A security deposit may be cash, but most commonly is a “hold" of available credit from your credit card. We do not accept checks for security deposits.

Deck Hand cannot provide insurance coverage or waivers or cover clients under our insurance. If you would like a referral for insurance, please contact us.

Formal Terms and conditions are provided at time of contract. These terms supersede any items here, which are provided solely as a quick overview.

Rates and availability are subject to change without notice.