Motion Control with Kessler Second Shooter Plus

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The Kessler Second Shooter Plus is one of Deck Hand’s hottest rental items. This revolutionary camera motion control system is sleek, compact, easy to set up, user-friendly, and packs in tons of great features. The Second Shooter Plus allows filmmakers to easily automate the slide, pan, and tilt of any Kessler dolly and capture smooth and repeatable multi-axis moves.

Deck Hand Camera Rentals offers rental of the Kessler Second Shooter Plus, providing both large production houses and solo filmmakers with an affordable and comprehensive motion control solution. Watch the video below and read on to learn more about the Kessler Second Shooter Plus.

Compact Design & Quick Setup:

Kessler Second Shooter Plus’s small footprint and minimal weight allows it to fit nicely into your existing camera bags. For even greater portability and usability, every piece on the Second Shooter is modular. For instance, you can separate the Pan from the Tilt axis. Setup of the Second Shooter is easy and can be completed in just minutes, allowing it to be utilized in any scenario, from run-and-gun environments to beautiful timelapses to interviews where near silent operation is mandatory. And even though the Second Shooter Plus is compact, it’s built strong.

Precise Motion Control:

The Kessler Second Shooter Plus features 100% repeatable motion control, great for live-mode, time-lapse, looping and stop-motion. To ensure precise control, the Kessler Second Shooter Plus determines motor positions through feedback communication from digital-encoded motors that provide ultra-smooth and quiet motion control.

Dedicated Directional Axis Buttons & Axis Renaming:

One of the biggest distinguishing factors between the Second Shooter and the Second Shooter Plus is dedicated directional axis buttons which allow users to operate multiple axes simultaneously, such as pan and slide, for faster pre-programmed move setups, and to use during manual moves. To help you organize your controller, the Second Shooter Plus also allows you to rename each axis on the controller.

Bridge Mode on Second Shooter Plus:

Second Shooter Plus - Bridge Mode

Another one of the big differences between the Second Shooter and the Second Shooter Plus is Bridge Mode. By utilizing one of the available expansion ports on the Second Shooter Plus, users can link two Second Shooter Plus controllers or a Second Shooter Plus and first generation Second Shooter controller to have 6-axes available simultaneously. This is a great way for current Second Shooter owners looking to upgrade to Second Shooter Plus to incorporate their existing unit into a 6-axis advanced motion control rig where FIZ control can be combined with slide, pan and tilt for fantastic motion control shots.

Quiet Mode on Second Shooter Plus:

The low noise output of Second Shooter Plus ensures that motor noise won’t be heard in your recorded audio, especially when in Quiet Mode, which is great for audio sensitive shoots, such as at live interviews and weddings.

Set-Up Speed Ramp:

To maximize efficiency and reduce time, the Kessler Second Shooter Plus also offers speed ramp to allow operators to set up moves at an increased rate of speed, which is a new feature from the first-generation Kessler Second Shooter.

Intuitive Controller Interface:

The Second Shooter’s lightweight controller offers a simple interface with directional arrows, an enter button, a menu button and a shift button for alternate commands. On the top of the controller, you’ll find three Cat-5 ports for the slider, pan and tilt motors, as well as an intervalometer. It even has a small built-in flashlight, great for those evening time-lapses. The bottom of the controller has ports for power, data via USB, and an expansion slot for joysticks.

Integrated WiFi on Second Shooter Plus:

Second Shooter Plus Integrated WiFi

The integrated WiFi feature (new on the Second Shooter Plus) can be operated with kOS software on iPad, Mac, Windows and motion control accessories such as the Digital Jog Control (coming soon).

Magnalink Keeps Controller & Accessories Organized:

Second Shooter utilizes the advantages of Kessler’s Magnalink system, conveniently keeping the MagPak battery, motor, and control module together with magnets. Each piece locks into position with a satisfying click.

Uses for The Kessler Second Shooter Plus:

Kessler Second Shooter - Time Lapse

The Kessler Second Shooter Plus is a revolutionary video production tool that can save cinematographers and videographers time and money. The Second Shooter Plus motion control system allows you to achieve perfect and repeatable time-lapse and real-time dolly shots. If you’re a one-man or one-woman band, the Kesser Second Shooter Plus lets you easily shoot two angles at once, such as a wide dolly shot and a close-up static shot, giving your work a professional look and saving you money on hiring a second camera operator. The Second Shooter is also a must-have for timelapses because it can both move and pan the camera while at the same time changing the focus – all at the press of a button. With basic and advanced features, the intricacy of the time lapse moves are up to you.

Where to Rent the Kessler Second Shooter Plus:

If you’re interested in trying out the Kessler Second Shooter Plus, contact Deck Hand Camera Rentals or visit our Kessler Second Shooter Plus rental page to learn about additional features for this innovative motion control system. Deck Hand serves the Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley. If you’re not near Los Angeles, Deck Hand ships Kessler Second Shooter Plus rentals nationwide. Contact us today at (818) 557-8403.