Why You Should Rent the DJI Osmo Pro Kit

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As a filmmaker, you know that time and budget matter. That’s why we love the DJI Osmo Pro, an all-in-one camera and stabilizer that combines high image quality with portability and stability. The DJI Osmo Pro Kit gives a single camera operator access to complex shots that typically need a crew, and allows for tons of shots in tight spaces that couldn’t be achieved with a full-sized cinema camera setup. Watch the video below and read on to learn why you should consider renting the DJI Osmo Pro Kit from Deck Hand Camera Rentals near Los Angeles.

DJI Osmo Pro Image Quality

The Osmo Pro builds on the Osmo’s compact size and revolutionary stabilization with the use of the Zenmuse X5 camera with a M4/3 sensor– allowing you to capture professional video with incredible clarity and dynamic range, even in tight spaces and on the move.

The Osmo Pro captures 4K video at 4096×2160/25fps and 3840×2160/30fps and 1080p HD video at 1920×1080/60fps for slow motion. You can also shoot 16 megapixel stills with the Osmo Pro. For more freedom and control over composition, the Osmo Pro comes with a standard Micro Four Thirds (MFT) interchangeable lens mount, so you can choose from a range of lenses with equivalent focal lengths ranging from 24mm to 90mm.

To control focus quickly and precisely, you can easily add the lightweight DJI Focus Handwheel– which can be controlled manually, or through the DJI GO app.

DJI Osmo Pro Rental Los Angeles

Osmo Pro 3-Axis Gimbal

With a impressive 3-axis gimbal, the Osmo Pro keeps your shots smooth as you move. You can use the Osmo Pro for long outdoor shoots, one-shots, or in tight spaces that once were hard to achieve, such as inside a vehicle.

The Osmo Pro is so compact and mobile, you’ll have no trouble carrying it around all day. In fact, the footage looks so great and stabilized, you’ll find yourself wanting to use the Osmo Pro for everything– including replacing shots on big camera stabilizer rigs like a Movi or a Ronin.

What The DJI Osmo Pro Kit Rental Includes

rent dji osmo pro kit

When you rent the DJI Osmo Pro Kit from Deck Hand near Los Angeles, it comes with everything you need for a professional shoot, including:

  • Three 1225mAh high-capacity intelligent batteries
  • Battery charging hub (charges up to four batteries simultaneously)
  • DJI Osmo handle and adapter for X5
  • Smartphone mount for monitoring
  • Universal mount for accessories
  • Water-proof carry case

DJI Osmo Pro Rental Near Los Angeles:

If you’re interested in trying out the DJI Osmo Pro, contact Deck Hand Camera Rentals or visit our DJI Osmo Pro Kit rental page to learn about additional features. Deck Hand serves the Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley. If you’re not near Los Angeles, Deck Hand ships DJI Osmo Pro Kit rentals nationwide. Contact us today at (818) 557-8403.