Rent DJI Wireless Mic System [with Lav Mics]


DJI Wireless Mic System Kit Includes:
DJI Wireless Mic System Receiver
2 x Clip-On Transmitter/Mic
2 x Magnet Clips
Hot Shoe Adapter
3.5mm TRS Cable
Rode 3.5mm Mini Jack to XLR Adapter
USB-C Charging Cable [with Wall Adapter]
Mobile Phone Adapter Set [Lightning & Type-C]
Charging Case
Carrying Pouch

2 x Rode Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones with Lapel Clips and Foam Windscreens

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!

Replacement Value: $400

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Details and Specs

With DJI Mic, you can now easily record audio that matches the quality of your videos. It’s ideal for creators looking to gain an edge and elevate their content to the next level. It delivers exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at distances of up to 250 m. Switch on, connect, and record crystal-clear audio on the go.

DJI Mic comes with two transmitters, each with built-in microphones. Both transmitters support omnidirectional audio, making them ideal for multi-person interviews and small studio operations.

Enjoy clear and reliable audio, even in complex scenarios. The transmitters and receiver communicate via powerful wireless transmission that keeps audio stable while reducing sound delay, even at long distances.

Conveniently attach a transmitter to whatever you’re wearing via the integrated back clip or by using the clip magnets. Weighing approximately 30 grams (1 oz), wearing the transmitter is comfortable and seamless.

The ultra-portable charging case is the perfect home for DJI Mic. With it, you can charge the transmitters and receiver, conveniently store components, and fast pair the system right out of the case.

Different devices mean different input adapters, and DJI Mic covers them all. The receiver has USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS ports, making it compatible with mainstream smartphones, cameras, and laptops.

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