Rent Sony BVW-D600 Betacam SP Camcorder

By Sony

Sony Betacam Camcorder Package Includes:
Sony BVW-D600 Betacam SP Camcorder
Fujinon 8.6-172mm 1.8 Lens [Front Lens Cap]
Fujinon Hand-Rocker/Servo Zoom
Sony Viewfinder
Shoulder Support Pad
VCT Plate
4 x Batteries
Battery Charger

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!
Replacement Value: $8000

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Details and Specs

Do you need a retro analog SD look from the 1980s or 1990s. The Betacam SP Sony BVW-D600 was the workhorse of the industry for professional camera operators for several years. They were used on 60 Minutes, the Super Bowl, documentaries and network news all over the world. Sony introduced the Betacam format in 1982 and ended production in 2001. 


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