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Details and Specs

The HVR-M35U supports Sony’s new Native Progressive format recording. The HVR-M35U records and plays back HDV 1080i60, 1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, and DV/DVCAM 480i60, 576i50. Like the HVR-M25U, the new HVR-M35U is NTSC / PAL switchable. The HVR-M35U also offers 4CH audio recording and playback, and can record HDV 4CH audio signals from the i.LINK input. Additionally, the HVR-M35U offers an integral monaural speaker for convenient audio monitoring, capable of playing back a mixed audio signal. The HVR-M35U also offers various digital interfaces which include i.LINK for DV/DVCAM and HDV I/O, a dual function HD/SD SDI output connector, as well as AES/EBU BNC connectors. TC OUT is also supplied via a BNC connector. In addition to it’s compact design, other features this new deck shares with the HVR-M25U is a ClearPhoto LCD plus 2.7-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) 16:9 panel for video monitoring, as well as support of both mini and standard size video tape cassettes. The HVR-M35U also incorporates the Duplicate Plus feature for operational convenience similar to that offered in the HVR-M25U, with the added integration of the new Native Progressive recording formats. Like the HVR-M25U, the new HVR-M35U also offers 1080i to 720p conversion capabilities (through the analog component and SDI outputs only), as well as HD to SD downconversion.


HDV Native Progressive HDV recording &playback

Switchable recording & playback -HDV 1080 60i/50i, 1080/24P,25P,30P, -DVCAM 60i/50i, DV SP 60i/50i

4CH audio in HDV & DVCAM play back -4CH audio embedded in the i.LINK & HD/SD-SDI output, or output through AES/EBU

Down conversion playback

DV/DVCAM WIDE 16:9 material conversion

i.LINK 6-pin: Transferring of A/V, TC & UB

Controls: LANC & Control S

Dual size cassette mechanism

Tape cleaner for reliable operation

HVR-DR60/MRC1 status check

HD/SD-SDI output (embedded Audio & TC)

4ch audio in/output I/F: AES/EBU 4ch & XLR 4ch

2.7-inch LCD -LCD color temperature 6500k, 211,200 dots


Inputs/Outputs Specifications Detail:
Reference Input NA
Composite Input NA
Composite Ouput BNC (x 1), NTSC or PAL
S-Video Input Mini-DIN 4pin (x 1)
S-Video Output Mini-DIN 4pin (x 1)
Component Input NA
Component Output BNC (x 3)
Analog Audio Input RCA (CH-1,CH-2, CH-3, CH-4)
Analog Audio Output XLR 3pin (x 4)
Digital Audio Input (AES/EBU) NA
Digital Audio Output (AES/EBU) BNC (x 1)
SDI Input NA
SDI Output BNC (x 1), HD/SD selectable
i.LINK IEEE1394, 6pin (x 1), HDV / DV stream input/output, S100
Time Code Input NA
Time Code Output BNC (x 1)


Sony HVR-M35U
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