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Details and Specs

HDCAM player for 1080/23.98,24P, and 59.94. HD-SDI output and down converts to SDI, DV format, Component, and Composite.

The J-H3 is a cost effective solution for HDCAM tape viewing, logging, and off-line editing applications. The unit offers computer display output for viewing of HDCAM tapes at XGA resolution on computer screens and projectors, optional i.LINK interface, and multi field/frame rate operation. As a member of the CineAlta product family, the J-H3 supports 24P playback operation, and is equipped with HD and SD serial digital interfaces for high quality monitoring and work tape copying. The unit also supports both large and small size HDCAM cassettes

« Optional IEEE1394 i.Link Board included
« HD SDI and HD Component Out
« SD SDI Out and SD Composite Out for SD Monitoring
« TC Out
« RS232 D-sub 9-pin, male and Remote In (9P) D-sub 9-pin, female.

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« Select Frame Rate

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