Rent Redrock Ultra EyeSpy Shoulder Mount Rig for Canon C300

By Redrock

Redrock Ultra eyeSpy Shoulder Rig Package Includes:
Redrock Micro Ultra Cage
Top Handle for Cage
Redrock Shoulder Pad
2 x Redrock Hand Grips
Redrock Counter Weight
JAG35 Rod Raiser V2
JAG35 15mm Rail Offset
4 x Zacuto 9.5″ Rods
2 x Zacuto 2.5″ Rods

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!

Replacement Value: $900

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Details and Specs


The Redrock ultra eyeSpy for Canon EOS C300 is ideal shoulder mount rig for handheld shooting when using the C300 built-in viewfinder for monitoring. The ultra eyeSpy rig offsets the camera to be positioned so the camera’s eyepiece is easily used and viewable.

The ultra eyeSpy combines the best of Redrock’s award winning cinema accessories with the new ultraCage | blue™ for C300 to make rig that is comfortable for all day shooting, and gives you the C300-specific features of the ultraCage.



The ultra eyeSpy can be configured in a number of ways to exactly meet your needs and shooting style. Choose the amount and type of counterbalance (weights or use an external battery brick), follow focus, and other accessories. The ultraCage offers a unique powered cage through the optional powerPack accessory, which attaches directly to the cage and delivers advanced power to all your camera-top accessories.


Features and Benefits

  • Beautiful fit and function – Designed specifically for the Canon EOS C300 in a shoulder mount configuration.
  • Monitoring via the built-in camera viewfinder- includes offset for positioning the C300 camera so the built-in viewfinder is easily positioned and used as your primary monitor.
  • Solid shouldermount support – uses Redrock accessories that have been field tested in thousands of productions worldwide.
  • Includes the ultraCage | blue™ – all the advanced features in a form-fitting cage for your C300.
  • Configure and extend to your exact shooting style – every aspect of the shouldermount system can be adjusted to your body size, position, and shooting requirements.
  • Convert to other rigs quickly and easily – reconfigure the system quickly and easily without tools for tripod, handheld or anything else you can imagine (some configurations may require additional accessories)


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