Rent Canon 17-120 T2.9-3.9 EF Zoom Lens

By Canon

Lens Package Includes:

Canon 17-120 T2.9-3.9 EF Zoom Lens

Canon 114mm Front Lens Cap

Back Lens Cap

2 x 15″ Zacuto Rods

Lens Support Bracket

Optitek D-Tap to Hirose Cable

Cine-Servo Zoom Grip

Canon Lens Shade [with screw]

Canon Lens Shade Cap

Zacuto Q-Mount Lightweight 1/4 20″ Lens Support

Omega Hard Lens Case


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Replacement Value: $27,000

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Details and Specs

For a top-quality, full-range, fast and sharp ENG zoom, you need look no further than this Canon 17-120 with its 7x zoom range. It covers a Super35 sensor, and it features one of the most precise, powerful, and programmable servo grips in its price class. It brings the traditional B4 ENG feel to crews that have switched over to the ARRI Amira, the Canon C300 II, and the Sony FS7. Whether you are shooting for broadcast, documentary, or in a fast-paced cinema environment, this lens will not disappoint!


Canon 17-120 Key Features:

    • High Zoom Magnification 7x
    • 4K-ready optical performance
    • 11-Blade Iris Provides Natural Bokeh
    • Designed for Cinema Style & Broadcast Applications
    • Enhanced Servo Drive Unit
    • 16-bit Metadata Output for Virtual Studio Systems
    • High Durability and Ruggedness
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Lens Mount: Made For Canon EF Mounts
    • Zoom Focal Length: 17-120mm Lens
    • Maximum Aperture: T2.95
    • Format: Made for Super 35 Cameras

Lens Design

Aspherical Lens Technology
Since spherical lenses refract more in the periphery than the center it is essentially impossible for an image to be sharp across the entire frame. Aspherical lenses, on the other hand, are able to maintain much more even focusing across the image area for more uniform focusing. In addition, it means less elements are required in the lens design helping make it not only sharper, but reducing the size and weight as well
Canon Fluorite Coating
Because glass lenses can never be totally free from chromatic aberration Canon applies a special coating, fluorite, which has an anomalous dispersion characteristic effectively reducing the aberration below what is possible with glass alone
UD and Hi-UD Glasses
In addition to fluorite, the use of ultra-low dispersion (UD) glass helps reduce the chromatic aberration that is a normal part of glass lenses. Additionally Hi-UD offers high refraction in addition to low dispersion to help combat spherical as well as chromatic aberration, including the aberration fluctuation normally caused by zooming