Rent Aputure Nova P300c LED Panel

By Aputure

Aputure Nova P300c Package Includes:
Aputure Nova P300c RGBWW LED Panel
Control Box
Lightning Clamp
Neutrik powerCON AC Power Cable (19.7′)
5-Pin Male-to-Female XLR Head Cable (9.8′)
5-Pin Male-to-Female XLR Head Cable (2′)
Aputure Softbox for P300c LED Panel
Rolling Stand
Sand Bag

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!

Replacement Value: $2000

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Details and Specs

Flexibility and control are key to the design of the Aputure Nova P300c RGBWW LED Panel The sturdily-constructed, 15.8 x 10.6 x 6″ fixture has two lighting modes. The CCT mode offers an expansive color temperature of 2000 to 10,000K with an impressive CRI/TLCI rating of 95 and plus/minus green control. The HSI mode allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and intensity giving you access to literally millions of custom colors, while there’s also a 300 industry-standard gel library for even greater chromatic control, The P300c is also dimmable from 0 to 100% without flicker or color shift. Besides user-programmable presets, the P300c has 15 special effects including Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Candle, and Fire.

All of these adjustments can be made locally on the unit or remotely via a console, thanks to the P300c’s built-in DMX, or with wireless control of all aspects of the light from a smartphone using the Sidus Link app.

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