Rent ARRI Light Softbank Kit


ARRI Softbank Kit Includes:
2 x ARRI Fresnel 650s
2 x ARRI Fresnel 300s
4 x Barn Doors
2 x 650 Scrim Sets [Single, Double]
2 x 300 Scrim Sets [Single, Double]
1 x Scrim Bag
2 x Chimera Speed Rings [650 and 300]
1 x Chimera XS Video Pro
4 x Light Stands
4 x Sand Bags
2 x Spare Bulbs [650W & 300W]
Transport Case

*One ARRI Fresnel 150 can replace 300 upon request

Our standard rental period is 72 hours - 3 days for the price of 1 day!
The cart will reflect a 15% discount for gear rented for 24 hours and a 10% discount for gear rented for 48 hours.

Replacement Value: $3500

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