Rent Fotodiox 28×28 LED Studio-in-a-Box

Studio Kit Includes:

Fotodiox 28×28 Foldable Studio Box with Built-In 770 LED
White Backdrop
Black Backdrop
Blue Backdrop
Grey Backdrop
Diffusion Sheet
AC Adapter
Our standard rental period is 72 hours - 3 days for the price of 1 day!
The cart will reflect a 15% discount for gear rented for 24 hours and a 10% discount for gear rented for 48 hours.

Replacement Value: $120

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Details and Specs

The 28 x 28″ LED Studio-in-a-Box from FotodioX is a self-contained setup for photographing small to medium sized objects. The Studio unfolds into a square light tent with its own 5600K daylight LED light source that envelopes the subject, thanks to the reflective interior. The Studio-in-a-Box has a fold-away front panel with a built-in shooting hatch and also a top hatch for a variety of camera angles. It comes with blue, black and white backgrounds to accommodate different colored subjects.


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