Rent Litepanels 1X1 Bi-Color LED Flood Light

By LitePanels

Litepanels 1×1 LED Package Includes:
1 x Litepanels 1X1 Bi-Color LED Flood Lights
1 x AC adapters [with AC Cables]
1 x 6-piece Diffusion Kits
1 x Gold-Mount Battery Plates
1 x ARRI Light Stand
1 x Sand Bag
Soft Light Case


*Batteries Available Separately

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!

Replacement Value: $1000

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Details and Specs

Litepanels 1X1 Bi-Color Variable Color Temperature LED Flood Light shift from 3200K or 5600K or anywhere in between with the turn of a knob. For the first time, instead of filtering a source’s fixed color temperature, you can dial in the precise look and temperature that you want. Matching Lightpanels sources is easier too, thanks to the highly consistent nature of LEDs.

Variable Color Temperature

Make quick adjustments from 3200K to 5600K or any color temperature in between without swapping filters or fixtures with a simple twist of the color knob.
100-0% Dimming with Low Power Draw
One-touch dimming with minimal color shift. Draws less than 10% the power of traditional lights. Draws 40 Watts @ 24V. Remote dimming possible with optional wired remote or via DMX.
AC or DC
Powered by Litepanels’ multi-voltage AC source or a wide variety of 18-28V DC sources.
Integrated DMX
Integrated DMX (RJ45 connectors) enable remote dimming and color control from dimming boards such as those used in theaters.
Slim Line Design
Slim, (12″W x 12″H x 1.75″) heat-free design means that you can put a light wherever you can fit one without fear of damage or injury.


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