Rent LTM 100W Pepper Light Kit


Pepper Light Kit Includes:
5 x LTM 100W Pepper Lights
5 x Light Stands
5 x Barn Doors
5 x Double Scrims
Light Case

Our standard rental period is 72 hours - 3 days for the price of 1 day!
The cart will reflect a 15% discount for gear reserved for 24 hours and a 10% discount for gear reserved for 48 hours.

Replacement Value: $2000

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Details and Specs

An extremely small fresnel light, the Pepper 100 can easily be placed in tight spaces. Used as a an accent, eye or kicker light, this unit utilizes a 100, or 200 watt lamp. Has a 1-15/16″ (4.9cm) flat fresnel made of Pyrex glass. Lamps are not included.

Cool operation
Cooling vents keep the unit operating at optimal temperatures and prolong lamp life
Soft diffused light
Pyrex glass lens provides soft, diffused light with hard shadows
Stay cool focus knob
A stay-cool, thermally insulated knob drives the worm gear, moving the lamp forwards or back into the spot or flood position


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