Rent Kessler Large Format Motion Control Kit

By Kessler

Kessler Large Format Motion Control Kit Includes:
Kessler Shuttle Dolly
2 x 6′ Speed Rails
2 x Matthews Slider Stands [with End Clamps]
Kessler Digital REV Head
Large Black Pelican Case
Pelican 1500 Case
2 x Kessler Second Shooter MagPak Battery
1 x MagPak Charger
1 x AC Cable with AC to DC Adapter
2 x Second Shooter Plus Control Panel
1 x Kessler 25′ CAT5 Cable
3 x Kessler 6′ CAT5 Cable
Kessler Second Shooter Slide Motor [with 2 Kessler Screws]
2 x Kessler Second Shooter Control Panel Bridge Cable
2 x Kessler Shuttle Dolly Keeper/Grabber Wheels [with 2 Kessler Screws]
Kessler Shuttle Dolly End Clamps
4 x Wing Nut Screws for REV Head


*Kessler FIZ Units available separately for Focus, Iris, and Zoom control!

Email if you would like to hire an Operator/Technician to join your shoot!

Our standard 1 day rental period is 48 hours.
Weekend rentals are billed as a 1 day rental, Friday to Monday!
Replacement Value: $5000

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Details and Specs

Deck Hand now offers the Kessler Large Format Motion Control Kit for cameras up to 20 pounds. 

Imagine a Dana Dolly, but covered with cheese plate and fully modular. You can use it exactly like a Dana Dolly on any length of speed rail. But you can also add up to six axes of motion control, in any configuration imaginable. The kit includes the Digital Rev pan and tilt head, the Kessler FIZ units, and a Second Shooter slide motor for the best bang-for-your-buck heavyweight motion control available today.  This product has similar functions as the Kessler Cinedrive but with a very quick learning curve.

Rent the Kessler Large Format Motion Control Kit from Deck Hand Camera Rentals today!