Need Insurance?

Simple, Fast and Affordable

Deck Hand has partnered with Athos Insurance so they can offer short and long term policies that can be set up and approved instantly for your rental.

You can fill everything out in about 5 minutes and the certificate will be sent straight to Deck Hand with our info automatically included. Just fill out the questions on the quote generator and make sure to click yes on unlocked vehicle coverage.

Click Here for Insurance Coverage

Do I need Insurance?

— Accidents can happen and when you rent equipment from anyone, you are responsible for 100% of the repairs or total replacement value if lost, stolen or not repairable. Here are three options:

  • Damage Waiver – Deck Hand offers an optional damage waiver available in your cart at check out with the option to chose either a $2500 or $5000 limit depending on the total value of equipment you are renting. This waiver limits your liability for unintentional damage to 17% of the replacement value OR the cost of the repair itself. For example, you damage a $2400 lens and the repair is $700, you would be responsible for $408. If there is a theft, you must file a police report as soon as possible and provide Deck Hand with a copy. Theft is not covered by this waiver. Damage from dampness, dryness, extreme temperature, use above or below water or in aircraft (for example a drone) are not covered. This is an option you apply for and must pass our vetting process at check-out to utilize, this is not automatic.
  • Credit Card Deposit – We can place a hold on your credit card for the value of the equipment if the total value is less than $10,000 and release the hold when you return the equipment complete and undamaged.
  • Equipment Insurance – If you are renting equipment with a total replacement value of $10,000 or more, we require insurance. We have partnered with Athos Insurance to make it easy for you. Click here to set up a short term or annual policy online from Athos Insurance. If you plan on doing 1 or 2 shoots per year, a short term policy is the way to go. If you think you may do 3 or more shoots, then an annual policy is the smart choice.  Both a short term and an annual policy give you the freedom to provide an insurance certificate with multiple rental companies while the damage and theft waiver only applies to equipment rented from Deck Hand.

What if I already have equipment rental insurance?

– Great! Please contact your insurance agent to send over a certificate of insurance with Deck Hand Inc. named “Certificate Holder” and “Loss Payee” listed as:

Deck Hand Inc.
1905 Victory Blvd., #8
Glendale, CA  91201