How it Works 

Our standard rental period is 72 hours, but the cart will reflect a 15% discount for gear reserved for 24 hours and a 10% discount for gear reserved for 48 hours.


How To Place Your Order: 

  • Click on the item that you want to rent.

  • For each item, click “ADD TO CART” button and the system will add the item to the shopping cart. Select your rental pick up time and date and your rental drop off time and date. The cart will automatically input the rental price. 

  • If different items require different rental periods then you need to place separate orders.

  • Click “Proceed to Checkout” when you are done shopping.  Create your login information if you are a first time customer.

  • Enter your billing and shipping information.

  • Choose a payment method. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  We do not accept any type of pre-paid or gift cards)

  • Enter your credit card information and submit your order.  Once the order is placed, your credit card is authorized.


All orders must be placed online.  If you need to add to your order when you arrive, no problem. If the equipment is available, we will provide you with an in house iPad or computer to adjust your order.


First Time Renters: If you are a first time customer, we need to verify that you are who you say you are. This process can take up to 2 hours during normal business hours. As a first time renter you are subject to an ID verification check by our security department. At the very minimum, we will need a copy of the cardholder’s valid driver’s license and the credit card used on the order. As a first time renter, Deckhand reserves the right to request a security deposit at any point. If you are placing an order to be picked up the same day, please make sure you give us enough time so your order will be ready for pick up.

After Your Order Is Placed: Once your order is placed, you will receive a receipt from us. Orders can be picked up at Deck Hand’s office between 9:00 AM and 5:45 PM. If you placed an order the night before after business hours, please reserve pick up for after 11:00 AM to allow us time to prep your equipment properly. If you need it sooner, please call and we will give you our best time estimate. We will do our best to get it ready as soon as possible. The equipment is due back on the final hour and day of your rental period.


Do you charge a deposit? In many cases we do not, however we take into consideration rental history and the value of the equipment requested to determine if a deposit is necessary. Click here for more details. First time customers, please check your email after placing your order, as we will require additional information to finish processing and approval. We have strict policies regarding shipping addresses and identity verification procedures.

What if I damage the equipment?  E-mail or call us immediately. Our rental agreement states that if the equipment is damaged you are responsible for 100% of the repairs plus shipping (to the repair facility) or the replacement value if not repairable. We recommend you either purchase our damage and theft waiver or a short term or annual policy to protect yourself. We have partnered with Athos Insurance to make it easy for you. Click here to set up a short term or annual policy online in 5 minutes.

What is considered damage? Minor scratches to a lens barrel, hood, flashes and cameras are considered the results of ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. Scratches to the glass, screens, couplings, buttons, mirror or any part that affects the equipments performance will be considered damage.

Do you offer a damage and theft waiver?  We offer an optional damage and theft waiver that is available at check out. You will have the option to chose either a $2500 or $5000 limit. You then chose which level is equal to or greater than the total value of equipment you are renting. This waiver limits your liability for unintentional damage or theft to 17% of the replacement value OR the cost of the repair itself. For example, you damage a $2400 lens and the repair is $700, you would be responsible for $408. If there is a theft, you must file a police report as soon as possible and provide Deck Hand with a copy. Theft from an unattended vehicle is not covered. Theft or Voluntary Parting from you or from an employee, associate or crew member is not covered. Damage from dampness, dryness, extreme temperature, use above or below water or in aircraft (for example a drone) are not covered. See our Need Insurance? page for more details.

What about insurance? We require insurance for renting equipment when the total value is $10,000 or more. We have partnered with Athos Insurance to make it easy for you. Click here to set up a short term or annual policy online in 5 minutes. If you plan on doing 1 or 2 shoots per year, a short term policy is the way to go. If you think you may do 3 or more shoots, then an annual policy is the smart choice.  Both a short term and an annual policy give you the freedom to provide an insurance certificate with multiple rental companies while the damage and theft waiver only applies to equipment rented from Deck Hand.

If you already have equipment rental insurance, great. Please contact your insurance agent to send over a certificate of insurance with Deck Hand Inc. named as a certificate holder.


Extending Your Rental:   Please contact Deck Hand by email or phone and we’ll be glad to help. If there are no other customers waiting in line for your item, we will be happy to extend your rental.  Please note that in terms of billing, extensions are treated as if they are new orders. For example, the rate will be less expensive for a 2 week rental than it would be for two 1-week rentals.

Do you charge late fees? Yes, we do. Late fees will be calculated at the one day rate per item per day

Emergencies:  Has there been an emergency? We understand. Please communicate your issue with us as soon as humanly possible so that we may properly address your needs with regards to your order. We are available by email and telephone during standard business hours. After business hours, please email AND leave a message as our phone is forwarded to one of our technicians who will get back with you as soon as possible.